Beija Flor cleansing with Luchi

February 25 ~ 27, 2020

Another 3 days Beija Flor cleansing program with Luchi!

This program is designed to gently eliminate toxins from the body with nutritional support to nourish and boost the Immune System with high quality whole food plant based supplements. The Program consists of a 3 days liquid diet including, Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Shakes, Raw Vegetable Soups, Electrolyte Lemonade, Coconut Water, and Herbal Teas, along with herbal pills to stimulate 7 channels of elimination to enhance the normal process of detoxification. Now including a parasite yeast control made of Algae Silica Solution.

Also included are Yoga /Pilates.


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Luchi, originally from Brazil, she received formal ballet training, participated in various workshops around the world...

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