Voice Workshop with Carioca ~Canta com Amor ~ 

Oct 2 ~16, 2015

The Workshop Program 

Oct 2 ~16, 2014


Arrival:  Oct 2

Workshop Start: Oct 3 morning

Workshop Close: Oct 15 Evening

White Night Ceremony:  

Leaving Day: Oct 16


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For more information, question or request, please contact to:  info@ciranda.org

 I am so excited to offer a very unique voice workshop "Canta com Amor". Singing is a magical experience that lift up our soul and vibration. Although I will teach techniques, harmony, rhythm, voice exercises, etc… my main focus will be to Sing with Love. Actually this is the only way to sing, there is no singing without love. Together, we will explore what really means to sing with love. Working intensely with voice for 14 days with this approach, I believe the workshop can bring a deeper musical understanding of how to use our voice, emotional healing and growth.


The basic of the workshop is to sing, sing and learn to be a singer. I will offer many exercises and techniques to help open your voice to a new dimension.


We will use familiar songs from the White Nights. Since those melodies are already part of our hearts, we can focus on creating different voices, harmonies and arrangements. Singing in a group and share yours voice with others is a unique experience that can bring to a big opening space inside of you. This space is called Orchestra. Let's vibrate the whole universe with your voice! 



The workshop includes 4 White Nights so you will be able to integrate this experience on different levels.



Canta com Amor




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