SIX TEA Curumim Festival

August 9 ~23, 2015

What is Curumim Festival?

We will have 5 White Night Ceremonies in the festival, Curumim Circles in the afternoon, singing, playing music, painting, jungle and waterfall walks, and a lot of celebration!


What is Curumim Circle?

In Curumim Circle, we will use our new children songbook-Curumim, a collection of 100 children songs from all over the planet. In the Curumim Circles, Children will practice songs together with Carioca.


Where I can buy Curumim songbook?

You can order Curumim songbooks from friends of Ciranda Cirlce all over the world!


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Francesca Stella:




Tali & Tomer:





Hello dear circle family.


This year's Curumim Festival will be really special. We are so honored to celebrate Carioca's 60th Birthday in Ciranda. The festival features 5 rituals and many parties!! 

Curumim means children in amazonian language. It has been a dream for us to create a space for children to play, learn songs, and grow in the nurturing forest of Ciranda. We wish to share this amazing opportunity to explore the world of magic, fairy tale, color and music together!

Curumim unique Festival main focus are the children. However, in every adult exists an inner child who wishes to play in creativity and joy. so...all are welcome!

SIX TEA Curumim Festival 

August 9~ 23, 2015


Arrival Day: Aug 9

White Night Ceremony:

Aug 11, 13, 15, 17, 20

Carioca 60th Birthday: Aug 18

(full day celebration)

Yasmim 6th Birthday: Aug 20 and 22

(full day celebration)

Bye-Bye Day: Aug 23


Participation Fee: $1,680

Inc: 5 White Night Ceremonies + 14 night accommodation+ Meals + Parties 

Animation videos of Curumim Songs are available on Youtube!

Welocome to explore the animation videos of Curumim Songs!


These videos are editted by Theresa with the book's illustrations of Keren-or and Franchesca. Learning the songs will be much easier and fun now.  






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