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About Divine Intervention


Divine Intervention is an ancient healing modality dating back over 1,000 years that has been passed down through an unbroken lineage of over 24 generations of Mexican shamans. It is mastery in energetic healing and physical healing. These sacred teachings have been referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that calls the forces of nature and heaven together. During this, the laws of a larger physics comes into play as Source intervenes using the practitioner as a powerful conduit for healing.


In this intensive, even if your focus is not on healing, you will discover how to become a greater instrument for Source. We will focus deeply on clearing out your core issues and expanding your light in the most loving and powerful way. You will be taught the ability to clear emotional trauma for yourself and others on a whole new level. You will be able to blend your healing wisdom with the power of the Divine as you enhance your current skills and gain a whole new set of tools for the Divine to use in your work.


By spending two weeks in immersive studying and practicing, you will be given the tools to claim your own power within an open hearted and empowered space of being in true service to all. By taking this remarkable journey into the shamanic mysteries of multi-dimensional healing, you will receive in depth study and powerful initiations to exponentially raise your vibration. You will see how to use specific dimensions and frequencies to take this form of healing to a very powerful level. Come and learn to free tumor energies from the body and create physical plane manifestations and spontaneous remissions of dis-eases. Your service to others will reach new levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection.

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Keren-Or Atari

Keren-Or Atari is a gifted intuitive healer and visionary artist, and an international spiritual teacher. She is known for her talent to inspire greater degree of connection and purpose, activate higher states of awareness, and re-awaken one’s full potential. 

Keren-Or has the grace and light of sheer mastery. Her joy of life and loving nature give you ease in healing core issues and nourishing self love.

Keren-Or is a protégé to world renowned master healer and Mayan lineage holder Starr Fuentes.



Starting:   Novemver 23rd, 2022

Ending:    December 7th, 2022


Location:  Ciranda Center - In the luscious tropical forest of Brazil


This Two-Week Intensive Includes:

Daily Instruction and Multiple Initiations

Accessing and Understanding Higher Dimensions and Frequencies

Divine Intervention and Spontaneous Remission of Dis-ease

Conscious Connection with Personal Healing Guides

Day of Intentions - Breaking Through Your Fears

Soul Retrieval

Breath of God Technique

Mayan Initiations

Psychoma - Trance Healing

Mastery in Grounding and Energetic Hygiene

Energy Anatomy & Original Cause of Dis-ease

Clearing Methods for your Healing Space and Energy Balancing

Long Distance Healing Techniques

Exploration & Clearing of Core Issues

Client Protocol/Ethics

Universal Laws

Advice for Building a Healing Practice

Ministry Ordination & Certificate

Private Lodging at the Center for the Duration of the Class

Energetically Prepared Vegetarian Meals

Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

Full Laundry Services

Nature Walks, Outdoor Fireplace and Waterfalls

Daily Yoga and Pilates class

Guest teachers and ...more surprises!


This life transforming class is a path of mastery that will change you as a being and boost your healing practice.  It takes courage and dedication to undertake a commitment like this.  To insure that each student receives highly individualized instruction, a maximum of twenty students are allowed.


Connect with Keren-Or:


Keren-Or Atari


An application and a detailed informational packet for this intensive will be sent out upon your registration.

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