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Keren-Or Atari's Healing Work

Keren-Or Atari is a gifted intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and a visionary artist. She is a 24th generation healer in an un broken lineage of Mayan Curanderos, a minister and instructor of Divine Intervention, Dimensional Mastery and a Light Language Master. Atari has had the honor of learning from several Masters and miracle workers, and is a protégé of world renowned Master Healer Starr Fuentes.

Keren-Or leads transformational retreats and workshops worldwide and at Ciranda and combines contemporary mysticism with powerful ancient healing modalities. She facilitates remarkable, empowering transformations, inspire and activates shifts in consciousness for her clients and students and is known for her special talent and success in healing and manifestation of soul mate relationships.

Keren-Or who is a devoted Ciranda member, grew up in Israel, lived in NYC and today she lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with her husband, Carioca, and is a mother of two daughters.


Keren-Or's Workshops, Seminars and Classes at Ciranda:

Divine Intervention
Advanced Mayan Healing training

Next training in April 12-27, 2021

For more details about Divine Intervention

Light Language Classes
The Art of manifestation through
sacred geometry and color

Beginning and Intermediate Light Language Class

in Ciranda

*Call and schedule with Keren-Or if you wish to take it at Ciranda before the festival


For more info about Light Language

Visionary Art Workshop: DTA
If you are interested in other Keren-Or's workshops please contact her to see of the option to schedule a class at Ciranda



"Keren-Or is a gifted artist and healer.  She has the grace and light of sheer mastery.  I've watched her work with people and through her gently and loving nature have them drop away all of their barriers and let themselves be loved, let themselves finally be healed.  It is a rare gift to hold this type of Divine Feminine power that Keren-Or posseses.  Come study with her and be loved beyond measure so you can learn to truly love yourself."

Brook still, Master Healer and teacher, USA  



"Being a healer my self, teaching and practicing the healing arts, it's not often I get to meet such a talented intuitive healer as Keren-Or.

Her clarity, her approach, her depth of experience and wisdom are truly remarkably unique. she is such a gem in this field. 

She helped me recognize patterns which were holding me back, unhook energetic ties to my past and literally help a paralyzing tooth ache disappear.

Watching her work with individuals and groups of people was so inspiring and I can't recommend working with her enough."

Kai Karrel, Mystic, Author and Spiritual Teacher, USA




"Keren-Or is brilliant in her work, with her great healing ability and Sensitivity she helped me and my family so much In the recent years. she's also a great fun person.  with gratitude."

Shaul Margalit, Musician, Israel



"Keren-Or has the most beautiful combination of ancient wisdom together with freshness & a pure child spirit.

She is a master who brings the ability to see beyond, reflect the truth, heal what needs change,& create new colorful healthy forms. 

I love the way she walks the talk in her daily life, sings & paints her message to the world.  I appreciate her power, her clarity, modesty & joy of life.

Whoever has the chance to be in her presence, receive her healing or teaching - is simply blessed."

Noa Peled, Singer, Songwriter and Teacher, Israel


"Keren-Or is a wonderful healer and teacher.

 When we first met she did a light language grid for me and in just a few months my life shifted completely, I gained much more clarity, my intuition got really strong, I became calmer, more grounded and present. I was able to observe my own behaviour patterns and let go of many which didn't  serve me. 

 I was fascinated with the practice and decided to take the light language course with Keren-or, she teaches with so much love, I feel blessed to be her student. I've been able to help many people since and have been getting really positive feedback."

Vivian Vilela, Actress and Filmmaker, England 



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