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Feb 15, 2024 ~ Feb 29, 2024 

During the Music Workshop at CIRANDA, we will cover many aspects of music, theory, harmony, voice, rhythm and more. The main focus of the workshop is music in circle, to learn how to play with others. CIRANDA CIRCLE is the best place to find and nurture music in yourself. 


Guello will be offering his Samba school teachings during the workshop and other percussion rhythms. Samba is the roots of Brazilian Music. We will learn different rhythms from Brazil and the format of Samba orchestra. The workshop is open for all levels of music lovers, as well as for those who just wish to have ecstatic fun. 

See you with us at CIRANDA!

"I want to thank you so much for the wonderful music workshop, it was as intensive and enriching as I hoped for, it was a great opportunity to bring my guitar playing to the next level. Carioca is the most dedicated teacher one could dream for."

Manuel Villaescusa

"After more than 30 years of playing just the electric guitar Carioca's music workshop kickstarted me again for the acoustic nylon string guitar. More than that, Carioca introduced me to the complex chord progressions and picking patterns  of Brazilian music. And it was just great to spend time with such an accomplished musician as Carioca is."

PJ Wassermann


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