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Be a guadian of a forest and help the maintenance of Ciranda

Dear friend!


Do you have the chance to stay in Ciranda for the festive season?

Happy you! And if not, you surely have enough memories to cherish:

of our beloved garden of eden with its waterfalls, the abundant green and the sounds of nature. Once again, your heart will overflow with gratitude.

Because you are part of this magic that makes you feel so vibrant, so connected and full of joy. 


Besides the love that keeps our paradise alive

you can even help more to maintain it as beautiful as it is – by making a donation.

We easily forget that this magical beauty requires constant care:

The land needs to be cultivated,

the lake and the swimming pool cleaned,

the garden lights replaced

and the Cura room and Buddha hall painted and repaired.

..and the latest NEWS :
The ecological vision to have a solar panels at Ciranda has manifested!


So, why not offering a gift to Ciranda? For if Ciranda is happy, we all enjoy more.

Donate Now!


Donate $50 Click Below


Choose an Amount



*** Thank you for your generosity! 

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