Ciranda's Festivals

Christmas and New Year Festival

Dec 20, 2020 ~ Jan 2, 2021


Join and celebrate with us our Christmas and New Year Festival.

The event begins on December 21st, the Summer Solstice in Brazil. It is a time to celebrate life, love, connection, joy, gratitude and illuminated awareness. 


Arrival Day: Dec 20

Dec 21: Samasati

Dec 23: Ciranda Poim Poim

Dec 25: Umbanda

Dec 27: Aquarella

Dec 29: Primores

Dec 31: All Books

Leaving Day: Jan 2

Include: 6 White Night Ceremonies + 13 night accommodation + Meals + Parties 

Summer Festival

Jan 27 ~ Feb 10, 2021


Its the highest point of Summer in Brazil. Warm breeze, fresh water, sunshine and the green forest is calling!!

Relax as you take the time away from your daily routine and surrender to the natural pace of the forest. Let's enjoy together the magnificient Carnival night in Rio de Janeiro!  


Arrival Day: Jan 27

Jan 28: Samasati

Jan 30: Ciranda Poim Poim

Feb 1: Umbanda

Feb 4: Aquarella

Feb 6: Primores

Feb 8: All Books 

Leaving Day: Feb 10


Include: 6 White Night Ceremonies + 14 night accommodation + Meals + Parties 


Carnival Fee is Extra, if you are interested please contact to



Mini Summer Festival

Feb 26 ~ Mar 5, 2021


Let's extend celebration to have more fun together! This year we will have a special mini-festival in the end of February. It can be great to the ones that come for the Music Workshop to stay and practice their new skills in our "regular" session. 

Arrival Day: Feb 26
White Night Ceremony: 
Feb 27, March 1, March 03
Leaving Day: March 5, 2021

Include: 3 White Night Ceremonies + 7 night accommodation + Meals + musical evenings


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