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We're so glad to finally announce the New Carioca Online Lessons.

Now you can learn guitar with Carioca, in your home, at your own pace.
Carioca guides you in the key principles and practices of guitar in this fifteen
SAMASATI Book songs lessons course.

Click on link to more informations,

With Love.

Carioca's Music is available for Download!

Ayo Album cover.jpg
Emerald Garden cover.jpg

New Album - August 2018

Emerald Garden Album

New Release - December 2019

Ayo Album

A unique, exciting blend of Afro Brazilian percussion and Jazz. Vibrant, fresh and electrifying. Yoruba mythology boldly reinterpreted with originality and excellence. An explosion of sheer joy, exuberance, power and intensity. Umbanda Soul and Alegria!

Magical and transporting. Enter the sacred green Emerald Garden and be embraced by a deep and all encompassing beauty. This unique and inspiring music is a glorious invitation from another realm. Welcome...



All of Carioca’s music can be streamed or downloaded on your favorite music store: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, TikTok, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer.  

Wherever you prefer to listen to music, you will find Carioca’s music!

Aquarela - Carioca & Orchestra

A truly magnificent watercolor of music performed with beauty and virtuosity. Every song is a wonderful orchestral dream so rich that each listening brings new joys. These original and classic songs will fill your heart and soul with overflowing love.


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