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Carioca was born in Rio de Janeiro. Very early he started his music studies and setted up his firsts rock bands, as a singer and guitarist.


Leader of the progressive rock group "Carioca & Devas", performing throughout Brazil.


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Begins to change the 2 arms guitar for 6, 8, 10 and 12 strings guitars. And also he starts to search other musical styles and different tunings on his instruments.



He records his 1st album: “Mistérios da Amazônia". He turns into instrumental music his interpretation of the indigenous Amazon, with its different hues, shades and cultural riches, presents us the “Boi Bumba", and many others since then with very lyrical, tasteful and very good execution. This album is very applauded by critics.



Travels to Europe for the first time where he works in studios, radio stations and performs several concerts in many countries.


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Great tour: Australia, Japan, India, Bali, Indonesia, Europe - Concerts, lectures and workshops.



Residing in Switzerland, along with Ted Bärlocher, he founded the "Escola de Samba do Apito” (now about 80 members), many concerts with different backgrounds, many arrangements for CDs and compositions trails, many recordings for radio and television broadcast to Europe and South Africa, as well as many workshops for several countries in Europe, Asia and South and Central America.



One of the realizations of this year was his participation as a special guest at the Festival of the Great Planetary Meeting of 2000, May 5th in Costa Rica where he presented a lecture and workshop concerts.

Presentation at the Jazz Festival in Rio de Janeiro and presentation at SESC Paulista with recording for TV SENAC.

Also in 2000, he realizes another tour in Europe, performing in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ibiza, and, in the Middle East, in various cities of Israel, among them Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, on King David Castle, in Galilee and Jordan.



Offers musical retreats and workshops at Ciranda (Rio de Janeiro / Brazil). Travels on tour performing and giving workshops in countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, Hawaii and Israel. 


Tours with Egberto Gismonti and records for "Carmo" (ECM.1982 / 85).

In addition to several concerts in Brazil, he works as an arranger for more than 30 independent LPs and as a professor teaching in São Paulo and in the state of Paraná. In this period he also composed music for theater, puppet theater, ballet and movies, and all these activities he has been performing up to the present day.



Now you can learn guitar with Carioca, in your home, at your own pace.

Carioca guides you in the key principles and practices of guitar in this fifteen SAMASATI Book songs lessons course. Click on link to more informations:

With Love.


All of Carioca's music can be streamed on you favorite music store: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, TikTok, Pandora, YouTube and Dezzer.

Find below some links to Carioca's music:

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