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Light Language with Keren-Or Atari 

Light language at Ciranda will be taught upon request.

Please write to schedule couple of months before.

* For ONLINE classes contact Keren-Or


At the Beginning Light Language level, you learn to reshape your auric field and create a firm foundation in the Language of Light.  Learn to use color and sacred geometry to shape your activities.   Discover how to recognize color and sacred geometry in your language, thoughts, and behavior.  With Light Language you can shift the energy of just about any situation you encounter.  As you learn to re-shape your aura with color and sacred geometry, you become conscious of the subconscious choices you’ve been making.  With this new level of conscious knowledge, you can solidify the energies you wish to keep in your field and replace other energies, beliefs, and patterns with new vibrations.  Learn to magnetize to yourself what you truly desire.  Make instant and long-lasting changes in your self and your environment.


You will learn:


  • Ways to change or enhance the form in which cash comes to you.


  • How to attract or discern the type of relationship you desire, or enhance the energies of your current relationship.


  • How to choose the way you receive your psychic information and use your psychic abilities in different ways.


  • How to shape the energy of a room, space, or location.


  • How to use Light Language to increase self-confidence, release fears, build self-esteem, and more. 


Course includes 46-page Beginning Light Language manual.

Investment for Beginning class US$111

Investment for Intermediate class US$333


Advanced Light Language / DTA

The advanced level of light language is a powerful and life changing class where you will spend six days learning and integrating a tremendous amount of energetic information. During this time, Keren-or works with the Mayan Masters to create multi-dimensional light grids shifting all of your bodies to fully absorb the sacred geometrical shapes, light colors, and grids enabling you to take a full vibrational step forward.

per-requisite Intermediate Light Language


More info:

In this class you will learn: how to write 144-shaped grids that follow the pattern of our DNA using 80 sacred geometrical shapes and 144 light colors. These grids are created to assist you and others in manifesting long lasting changes on all levels. Community grids at this level hold enough power to help change the energies and perceptions for entire countries allowing them to shift with more grace on the physical plane.
At this advanced level, grids are powerful enough to clear the energies of life threatening diseases.

If you’re ready to step up to conscious light work for the planet, this class is for you. You will become empowered using the teachings of light language that the Curanderos of Mexico mastered. This will give you the confidence to know that you can and ARE making a difference in yourself and the world around you. Join us and take the next conscious step in the dimensions of advanced co-creation.
Includes four large manuals (over 800 pages total)


Investment: 1550$ (advanced light language)

Advanced Principle of Light Language


Take an advanced jump in your usage of light language. Learn the new intermediate sets for each of the Seven Rays and the stages for the Masters and Archangels associated with them.


Learn the 12 chakra personal grid and the questioning associated to build this for you and your clients.


Expand your light as we delve deeper into the power of subject lines and how to shift your consciousness around these to co-create effectively and at a much higher level.


For community grids, you will learn how to set-up a subject line that works even stronger with your personal grids through one of Esperanza’s favorite forms of healing.


Experience the energy and download needed to create “The Invisible Boundary” & “The Double Vortex Clear & Recharge.” Re-align your power in the usage of your highest light!


Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language.

Investment: 470$ 

Catalan Solids Class


The Catalan solids class teaches us to be in alignment with each of the 12 INNER LAWS, with whom we are in deep conviction and in resonance with in our life. The inner laws shapes our decisions as well as the direction that relationships often unfold for us.
When we accept and own a new Inner Law it would present itself as a valuable learning tool for our growth and development, by being in alignment with our authentic self.
Once you have received the downloads, you can use the shapes to support your 49 shape grids.
Manual is provided.


Investment: 155$

‫The Eternal Mobius


‫The replication ability of the mobius is taken to a whole new level! The Eternal Mobius is a mobius embodying two complete Intermediate Light Language grids constructed of Advanced Light Language shapes and colors and new Sets and Stages specifically for the mobius grids. Manual included.


Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language


Investment: 470$


classes in english with portugeuse translation if necessary
+ For registration and more information:

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